How to re-deploy a single flowchart?

If I have multiple flowcharts, how can I just redeploy and execute a single one?

I noticed that if you choose Deploy All, all flowcharts will be re-executed,

But I use one flowchart to represent one device's data collection program. If click Deploy All, it will cause all programs to restart.

If click Deploy Only Modified Flowcharts,

Some of the content will not be executed repeatedly (such as the inject -node be set as executing only once).

My needs are:

(1) Redeploy a single flowchart;

(2) Clear all variables within the single flowchart (Variables included in the queue, as well as contextual variables for the flow);

(Equivalent to re running a single flowchart)

Can I do this:

(1) First disable the flowchart that I need to redeploy;

(2) do deploy only modified flowchart in the disabled state (equivalent to pausing the operation of the target flowchart);

(3) Modify the target flowchart;

(4) After completing the modifications, redeploy the modified flowchart.

It seems that a single flowchart can be reinitialized and executed. But it's just that the phenomenon meets my needs, and I'm not sure if Node red's internal operation is as I thought. Could you please help me confirm the details

If you Deploy Full, then all inject nodes with "Inject once after 0.1 seconds" ticked will indeed fire.

Surprisingly though, with "Deploy Modified Flows", such an inject node will only fire if that node itself has a significant change - just moving the node or even wiring it up differently will not cause it to fire on deploy. This is what I would expect the third option "Deploy Modified Nodes" to do.

Probably a more reliable approach is to have separate production and development Node-red instances. Flows under development should be disabled or deleted from the production instance.

Thank you for your answer.

I think NodeRed may add a feature - just redeploy the current flowchart page