How to run a simple on off from home-assisant controlling HomeSeer device

Still a newby in NodeRed.
I'm using HA (home-assistant) to control some (z-wave) devices which are in HomeSeer. So I created a Flow which switch On or Off the device when the Inject button is pressed in NodeREd.
Now I'm struggling how to get the On Off (Injected) from HomeAssistant (switch or button).

So the On Off injection works. The switch will work only If I have one part in it (the on or off part) How to get the switch to also use or do the second part (Off)?

Welcome to the forums @mr_automation1

I feel the reason no one has been able to provide an answer, is the fact you are using too many layers, before Node RED is involved.

I think you will be better of seeking assistance from the HA and /or HS communities.

Most here do not use any of those platforms, and use Node RED in a stand alone/native manner.

Ok. Will try that also.

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