How to send ECP commands (TCP Request node) instead of using Telnet node


I am confused as to how I am supposed to use the TCP nodes. When trying to send ECP commands to my QSC Core 110f, I fail to get any results by using the TCP Request or TCP Out node. However, when using the Telnet node that I've installed in the Palette, and entering the same port and IP address, it works. Does anyone know of the main differences between how those nodes function, and what could be a potential issue with how I'm trying to send commands with the TCP nodes?


A wireshark of the telnet session VS the raw TCP session will show you whats going on.

As I guess are you sending a carriage return with the tcp node, I suspect the telnet node might be adding that for you? I can’t see the code for the telnet node but it would be my first thing to try

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