How to use COAP over DTLS

In nodered COAP (node-red-contrib-coap node) it uses UDP by default but if I want to use COAP over DTLS how to configure as there is not options available or is there any alternate available for using COAP over DTLS.

You could look at the code for that node, modify it to use DTLS and then create a pull request to include that additional functionality.

Thank you .

The IKEA TrĂĄdfri gateway uses this protocol combination. A search of the flow library might give you hints on how to make the changes @ukmoose suggests. Unfortunately, that's all I can tell you -- my TrĂĄdfri kit has has been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to run out of other things to do.


Hi all,
Does anyone have any other suggestions or solutions regarding the above topic?