How to use Timer on Dashboard with E-mail Notification

Hello Everyone,
I want to create Node-Red flow which can automated means ON and OFF Raspberry pi GPIO with controlled by start and Stop Timer.

Make sure I want to set timer by UI page means user can set Start and Stop time by UI Page Node-Red.

and when GPIO is high means if timer is in ON stage then I want to E-mail my self at once and When GPIO goes low means Timer is in OFF stage then again I want acknowledgement via E-mail.

so please help me regarding this.

Thank you...

Check out the email module/node library

As for getting the values to set the timers via the UI, check out the time picker UI feature, which is part of the ui-text widget.

And if you need information on controlling GPIO pins.

Although I like using the service or daemon based option for controlling GPIO pins.

How to implement the timers for on and off? That depends a bit on how you create the actual flow. I would work on how to use the various components above, gain some experience with same, then think about how you might want to implement the timer(s), or scheduling.

I already use this two node but still not got result.

Which node? If part of your flow is not working then work out which node is not doing what it should and use debug nodes to see what is going into that node and what is coming out. If it isn't doing what you expect then show us the inputs and outputs and how you have configured the node.
Don't try and solve all of your problem in one go, split it up into small parts and start with just one part, get that working then add the next bit, and so on.

If you are a complete beginner then spend a couple of hours working right through the node red essentials videos, it will save you (and us) time in the long run.

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