How two instances can communiate to each other in docker


I already create two instances under Docker -p 1881:1880 and -p 1884:1880. Now, i want that each one can send and receive a msgs to other instance. Could you please help me to do that ?
In my machine, i use OPC-UA protocol as bridge between the two instances.


Why? MQTT is far far better suited to this task.

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If you use docker-compose to start them both up then you can just use the names you give them to direct traffic - as it uses that for name resolution.

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sorry, i didn't quite understand your suggestion.
The only thing I manage to do is establish a communication between the OPCUA server instance, located on Docker, and the OPCUA client located on the local host

but till now I did not succeed in reaching my goal which is make a communication between two instances in docker.
@dceejay could you please give me the commands line witch i should use to do what i need.

thank you

i resolved the problem

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