How use flow variable?

I get the id of a Tunein station that I memorize

    if(data[i]["data-nextguideitem"] != null 
        && data[i]["data-testid"] === "guideItem-0")
        msg.payload = data[i]["data-nextguideitem"];

        if(flow.get("franceInter") !== msg.payload) 
            flow.set("franceInter", msg.payload);
        return msg;

and I want to inject into a node Sonos : 


but I get : 

``` radio id (payload) >>$env(flow.get("franceInter")) wrong syntax. Regular expr. - see documentation :: Details: none```

Thank for your help


I don't think that is correct syntax.

$env gets the environment variable.

So you are doing to get things.

I also don't get what that you are wanting to do with the code you posted.

I didn't import the bigger code you posted because I don't think I have that second node and so won't be able to test it anyway.

I would like to call my variable from this node

Sorry. I have no knowledge of that node or how it works.

Just the code you posted doesn't look right.

Only "string" or "number" ?

package "node-red-contrib-sonos-plus" - "Universal" node

You will have to retrieve the context before the sonos node and pass it in as a payload. You cannot retrieve it as your screenshot because its expecting a string or a number.
Have you read the link see documentation?

Yes but I don't see the solution ...

If you are saving the radio station id to flow.context in the format described in see documentation -

REGEX check. the TuneIn radio station id such as 's97033'. Don't add additional blanks or whitespace.

then add a change node before the sonos node to retrieve that data, and feed it into sonos as a payload


I don't use this node, so can't help you further, but hopefully another user may be able to.

Ok thank. I tried without success

What is the value of that ?

The value is : s24875

I found out how to do it
I load the variable from a function before injecting it into the node, leaving the payload field empty
Thanks to everyone who took the time

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