HTTP node overwrites msg, how to solve?

I'd like to pass something like the below to an HTTP request node, and have the HTTP node spit out its response including the additional properties:

msg = {
    "payload": "foo - replace this with output from HTTP node",
    "topic": "topic",
    "some_additional_param": "I want to keep this"

Is there a non-hacky way to do that ideally without storing values to context then retrieving them later?

Did you just try it to see what happens?

I have never witnessed the HTTP request node do this, are you saying some_additional_param is no longer present in the msg after it hits the request node?

It would have been reported sooo many times if so.

I’m pretty sure i pass other properties though and they remain

I did try it, although seeing these comments I’m going to test again. Perhaps I made a mistake or missed something. Will post back later. Thanks.

Yes that’s what I’m saying although will test again later to confirm (ie possibly to confirm I missed something!)

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If it does destroy the msg (best to put a debug node directly after - set to entire msg), it will need raising on GitHub, as that’s a pretty tasty bug!

I just tested with a live weather API query, I added an extra msg.test before the http request, the output showed that the msg.test was still there in the output as expected.

Sorry to waste time here. Problem between chair and computer. :white_check_mark:


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