I want to create a flow that can read data from any api and write result into parquet file

Iam not able to create a flow in which the data from http response can be written down into parquet file

Hi Manish and welcome to the forum.

What have you tried? Have you tried looking in the Flows section for suitable nodes?

Library - Node-RED (nodered.org)

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this is what i have tried so far. but iam not able to use the parquet node properly.

Did you install the dependency?

Also do you realize each API will be different and you will need a seperate way to access each one.

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yes i have installed the dependencies, and yes iam aware of the fact that each api will be different .

What does not work in your flow ?

Note that there is an example include with the node (you can load it via the hamburger menu > import > examples)

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