Ideas on doing a POST to upload a file (trying to restore config.dat in ESPEasy)

I'm coding a backup/restore flow for devices using ESPEasy. The backup works great! a folder called ESPBRR is created and in it is a folder for each device found. Inside the device folder is a folder date/time stamped and inside that are the (up to) six ESPEasy files: config.dat, security.dat, rules1.txt, rules2.txt, rules3.txt and rules4.txt.

The restore works great except for the config.dat file which only seems to be restorable from with in ESPEasy. It does a POST to send the data and I can't figure out if there is a way to replicate that in Node-Red.

Any suggestions?

The HTTP Request node can do File Upload - assuming you need to use multipart/form-data style file uploads.

The sidebar of the HTTP Request explains how to do file upload at the end of its help.