IFTTT Applets limited to 2 from May 23, 2023

Dear Readers,

Yesterday evening, I received an email from IFTTT, with the following contents:

"Starting on May 23, all free users will be limited to 2 Applets.
At this time, you have 6 Applets.

We hope you understand this change is designed to help us support
our community and continue to focus on improving IFTTT. To ensure
that your existing Applets continue without interruption, consider
upgrading to Pro or manage your Applets via My Applets.

Try Pro

If you have any questions, please respond to this email.

We appreciate your continued support,

After the change in 2020, IFTTT squeezes the number of applets to use again. As Node-RED has probably users, that use IFTTT, I decided to inform the Node-RED community about the change for users with a free tier.
As this change has been announced less than a week before the change will become effective, you have limited time to implement an alternative solution.

As I will loose 4 of my 6 applets, which I use in Node-RED, I'll cancel my IFTTT account completely.


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