I'm not able to configure the SenseHat to the temperature,SenseHat is showing as disconnected

Did you install the extra bits as listed in the ReadMe?

The Sense HAT python drivers need to be installed manually:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sense-hat
sudo pip-3.2 install pillow

See the driver documentation for more information.

Also why are you running as root? This is NOT recommended

we are not able to change anything as of now ,as both in command and editor window we are getting a message called as session closed and its not taking any command.

stop node-red from running

install the extra software

install the node again

start node-red

We are not able to type anything on the window, continous message of session closed is been displayed not allowing us to type a single word of any commands.

Where are you seeing the session closed message? Post a screenshot.

The terminal window you are showing is running Node-RED. If you press Ctrl-C in that window it will return to the command prompt where you can run the suggested commands.

That's the same one you showed before. Open a new terminal and show us why you are not able to stop node red.

i m also facing the same issue.. Could you pls tell me what i need to do to overcome this issue...

Session closed image is just getting displayed on the node-red console..

Are you also trying to get a sensehat to work?

If node-Red is repeatedly crashing restarting crashing you need to stop it restarting. (explained on the raspberry pi page in the docs)

Then restart node-red from the command line and copy and paste what you see here.
(if you aren’t trying to get a sensehat to work please open a new thread)