Import an existing project with its git history


I started to use Node-RED a few weeks ago. Actually, this was just to test and see if I can use it for a home security system. As usual, I created a git repository from the node-red folder and made commits.

Now that my POC is completed, I'd like to go on with the projects feature and retrieve my git history.

But I have problem reimporting the existing as I was using an system-generated key. What should I do? Change to a personal key, commit, push and then clone to the new node-red instance with the projects feature enabled?


Ok, I found the key in the .config.json file, and now I get my flows back, with all the git history.

One question still remains: can I change the generated key without losing anything?

You can change the key via the project settings dialogue and it will reencrypt with you new key.

Thanks, I get my flows working again.