SSH key usage with github

I just received the security deprecation notice form github so I wanted to install my ssh keys.

In the node-red UI where I can create a new key, I would like to use an existing key.

I have already entered the public key at github. How can I enter the private key in node-red?

I do not believe you can. You need command line access to git on the node-red server. AFAIK, Node-RED simply uses git under the surface.

Ok, I will create another pair just for node-red.

Do you know that if I use the same passphrase to generate the key on multiple node-red instances, will it generate the same key?

I don't believe so, no. The key's are always cryptographically unique since that is their purpose.

Hmmm, that makes managing project's security a little more interesting. If I understand correctly, I will be creating unique key pairs for every instance of node-red and github combo. Correct?

Well you don't have to. The point about a key pair is that they work from anywhere. So you can distribute them as you like.

However, if the key is compromised in one place, you have to know to change them all.

Thanks, but when I create the key in node-red all I get to see if the public key. It doesn't look like I have any control over the private key.

Apologies, I admit to not giving this thread full attention. I assume you are using the Node-RED projects feature?

If so, I don't use that and all my git usage is from the command line or VScode. I guess you would need to search for the private key. I imagine that it will be inside your projects folder somewhere.

Thanks for your help. I looked but could not find it.

Does this help: Node-red project and github - General - Node-RED Forum

Also: Projects : Node-RED

Those are the two threads that I used to initially set the project up with github.

But they do not address the future change with github eliminating password authentication.

The SSH key generation is actually not in the project menu. It is in hamburger menu>settings>git config

OK, well as I don't use projects, I've already over-reached my knowledge. If the documentation is lacking or incorrect, I'd suggest nipping onto the Node-RED Slack. There is a #docs channel there and you can chat with Nick or Dave about documentation updates.

Am still largely in vacation mode for another couple days, but will reply properly later tonight.

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Stay on vacation. This isn't needed until August!! :slight_smile:


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