In light of `msg.enable` and another recent post I made

I recently helped (well, I can hope) someone with a problem and it was down to the node needing a msg.reset command being sent to it.

Fair enough.
Trap for new players.
Slightly compounded by other things, but beyond the scope for now.

I foolishly said that that message stops at the node.

I have just had a bit of fun with the msg.enable message on dashboard buttons, etc.

Seems the message continues on to subsequent nodes.

Is this also true with msg.reset?

Which node are you using msg.reset with?

the count node.

Someone was stuck with their flow.

Hang on while I find it. I'll post when I get it.

I nutted out that the count node needed resetting to work.

So with that, I am messing around with msg.enable and that seems to propagate down the line to other nodes.

I'm not sure msg.reset does or not.

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