In node-red dashboard how


In node red how to increase the size of map. I am using the example Map in Dashboard from node-red palette. In template I tried to increase the size using <div style="width:100px" ng-bind-html="msg.payload | trusted"></div>.


The map is inserted in a ui_template node. Edit that node and change its size to whatever you want. You will find it's width will be limited by the Group node it is in - so you may need to edit the Group node first to increase its size.


Now it is filling half. Group node width I changed to 27 by slider. And there are two ui_template are there so, I changed <iframe src="../worldmap" height=500px width=100% ></iframe> and <div width="500px" ng-bind-html="msg.payload | trusted"></div>


well the div width="500px" may well be limiting it - try changing that to 1000px


Yeah I tried doing 1000px but the width is not changing is there any example for this.


What have you got for the size of the node itself? That's in the node config, not the template text.


so how can i increase to full width


You have not told us what you have at the moment for the node size in the node config. You can increase it in the node config.