Returning group height and width (node-red-dashboard)?

Is it possible to use the ui_template node to get a group size?

I found this StackOverflow post but I am not seeing it work, at least not on firefox...

Is there a proper way to do it?

The question is - what you are trying to do with those values?
If you try to change some group element properties from inside out it ends with chaos cos pre-calculated values for all other elements in this and in other groups will fail due the how whole dashboard is build up.

I have an iframe that I want to resize based on returned values...
I do not think that will have an effect on other groups (of course I would need to watch out for the text I have above the map)...

You can explore the element sizes with development tools. And then apply those values to the iframe as needed cos the container is always with that size. It is not dynamic so the measurement in every deploy is not necessary. Only if you change the layout, you'll nee to to it again.

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