Ina3221 modules in node-red

I am trying to install the ina3221 modules in my node-red, please can you help me with the procedure
I able to found only ina219 modules and found this script in GitHub
Please can you help me with

Your best bet is to contact the author of the node and see if they can help.

For sure, contact the author. I just had a quick read through the code. Even though it looks like a node, it’s not. It appears to be either a script or library that communicates with ina3221. Its missing the required “node-red” keyword for it to show up in the palette, but that’s actually good here as the package.json file doesn’t have the nodes defined it would install. So I looked further and notice it didn’t include an actual node just that script.

There’s an open issue (some 6 months ago) asking for install instructions, to which no response was given so far.

On top of that, the script starts with
var i2c = require('../i2c-bus') //
Meaning it references a locally installed library that isn’t included. While a library with that name is listed as dependency, it won’t be located at the path supplied upon installing.

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