Input is not on the left-hand menu at all

I do not see input on the left-hand side at all. Any guesses why?

What input? Left hand side of what? To little info.

see my flow attached!
Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 10.27.08 AM|690x431 , left pane, I do not see any input functions and nodes..

The default palette categories were reorganised in the 1.0 release. The input and output categories were removed and the nodes put in the categories you can see.

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ibmiot node should be somewhere, but I dont see it anywhere...

The Watson IoT nodes are not installed by default on the IBM Cloud starter kit - you'll have to add it back yourself from the Manage Palette menu option.

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Another error now; screenshot attached....

Telegram was my previous activity, but something about that is blocking now IoT...

Either install the telegram node or remove the node from the flow. Possibly it is a configuration node that is no longer used. Look in the Configuration Nodes section of the hamburger menu to find unused ones which you can then delete.
Also if it is that then you should get a warning in the popup every time you deploy, with a link to click to take you to them.

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Now, another error while installing IBM Watson IoT, attached screenshot

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