I would like to parameterize the UI scheduler via inputs. There are various devices, these should be terminated via payload before the time has expired. Can someone tell me the JSON string? I tried different payloads, but with the error message: invalid payload
This is the Payload:{"payload":true,"topic":"Device1","_msgid":"12345"}

Hi Stefan,

you can see what is possible by opening the nodes help section:

The only option disable a device that is currently within a defined time frame is to send a msg to your scheduler that disables the whole device:

msg.disableDevice = "Device 1";

later you can enable the device again:

msg.enableDevice = "Device 1";
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Hi fellinga,

Many Thanks
I would like to end the timer for each device prematurely using a button. Is this possible. Can you help me there?

Do you want a button on the node-red Dashboard or something like an inject button inside the flow editor?

If it's for the dashboard then this feature is already built in - please see:

I want a button on the node-red Dashboard....

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