Installing Node Red on freenas


I have Node Red running on one server and would like to move everything over to my FreeNAS. Node Red is installed and working on the new server but I can not install nodes or update any.
I get a error like:

Failed to update: node-red-node-email
Module not locally installed
Check the log for more information

Could this be a permissions problem?


that one isn’t , if you search the forum for email node and update you should find a full explanation.

What happens if you try to install a new contrib-node?


If I try to install a new node I get this:

Failed to install: node-red-contrib-home-assistant
Error: Install failed
Check the log for more information


What does the log say? Also try installing manually from the command line.

Note that the 0.20 beta gives you much better output from installing nodes. Nice.


Thanks guys. I found that git was not installed in the jail.

How would I go about upgrading to 0.20 beta?


Just follow the instructions in Nick's release post.


Thanks that was easy to upgrade.

My next thing is does anyone know how to auto start Node Red on Freenas/Freebsd running in a jail? Or should I start a new topic about this?


i’d suggest doing some research to see how you autostart other things on a freenas


Ya I have been reading and searching. Still cannot find the answer.

I have the jail auto starting at boot but I need to open a shell in the Node Red jail and start it with "node-red". And if I log out of the jail or shell then Node Red stops.


If you can’t find it on a freenas forum the chances of anyone on a NodeRED forum knowing the answer is slim


The first hit I got on google suggested using pm2. I have no experience of it though.


Thanks Colin. Not sure how I missed that one but that worked :smile: