Installing Node-RED on TrueNAS 13.0


I used to use node red on truenas 12.3. now I am forced to use truenas 13.0 and found that Node RED is not available. Since I have no other way to host node red, I wanted to find out whether I can still install it on truenas 13. Or whether it can be added again to the community plugin list.

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I can't fully answer the question - I know nothing about TrueNAS - someone here might though.

Or whether it can be added again to the community plugin list.

I would expect the TrueNAS community forums to have more insight, given it may have been a member of said community who created the previous plugin?

Node RED its self will need Node JS >= 14.x (but 16.x is recommended)


Node RED can be installed either with NPM or via an install script, See : GitHub - node-red/linux-installers: Node-RED install scripts for various flavours of Linux

I wouldn't know if this script can run in TrueNAS

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Hello @EliasZoockt.

I run 2 instances of Node-RED (version 3.0.2) in a TrueNAS Core (version 13-U4) Jail. However it has not been installed in version 13, but it has been installed in version 12, or even version 11.
I use it already for a long time. After updating from 12 to 13 (or even from 11 to 12) it remains functional.

I noticed it disappeared from the list: Apps - TrueNAS - Welcome to the Open Storage Era
I saw you raised a similar question in This plugin needs an update · Issue #10 · tprelog/iocage-node-red · GitHub
As you have probably read there, the use of plugins is discouraged. They recommend to use a clean jail and to install it the regular way.

To install NodeJS and npm you can follow the guideline at:

You also looked for support at: Node-RED FreeBSD RC Script · GitHub

Wait for their answers.


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