Integration with Homewhiz Appliances?

I have just bought a washer-dryer that supports the Homewhiz ( remote communications protocol...see where I am going!?

My machine's interface is Bluetooth although I believe wifi is also used with some devices.

Being a user and great fan of Node-Red, hooking up the two would be fantastic, not least because the Android (not sure about Apple) phone app is poorly implemented and a personal data nightmare (Access to my contacts to control my home appliance...location info...mic and camera...Nope, not happening).

I've had a search around the Internet and not found much apart from the fact that Homewhiz supports voice assistants (Alexa, Google) and the Open Connectivity Foundation (, but a search on their site turns up nothing for 'Homewhiz'

Has anyone come across any Homewhiz/Node-Red development work?I'd be keep to participate although my time is limited and my coding skills are hobby-level. I presume there'd be work on pairing, bluetooth sniffing, and I have no idea whether the protocol used is some arbitrary made up, encrypted stuff or good-old XML etc.


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