Interesting happening with dashboards and icons

I know I have been down this road before.

Ok, so I should know. But with what I know, this isn't fitting with what is happening.

I am trying to change the icon from the default to the one which looks like a radar. (track_changes)

(See pictures.)

But when I type in the name and deploy I lose most of the dashboards.
All the buttons come up as unassigned.

Sorry I don't really want to do it just now as it is painful getting it back to working.

But that aside, I'm wondering why it is the name I put in isn't working and/or causing the problem.

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forget it, i am confused by your topic.

Ok, so I hope you get the idea of what is normal with the display of the dashboards.

They all work and things are nice.

I change the BedPi Telemetry icon from dashboard to track_changes and deploy.

This is what it looks like then:
The BedPi Telemetry is missing.