IOT server: LAMP + node-red with autostart on Android 11

I like, for my dedicated IOT servers that work 24/7, to use a Tv Box (not rooted). Why? They are small, ready to use, with a good case, and require little power (5V, 2A) that is easily upgradable to UPS.

The last HW is an X88 PRO Android 11, 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM with a mini keyboard included (€ 43.99). The node-red autostart is mandatory for my server.

The complete installation process is detailed here: deployment: android server · msillano/tuyaDAEMON Wiki · GitHub.

At the end you will get on your top-box:

 - FTP                            <top-box-IP>:8021
 - Apache         v. 8.1          <top-box-IP>:8080          
 - MariaDB        v. 2:10.9       <top-box-IP>:3306          
 - PHP            v. 8.1          
 - PHPMyAdmin     v. 5.1.3        <top-box-IP>:8080\phpmyadmin
 - node-red       v. 3.0.2        <top-box-IP>:2022

Note: The final instructions to install the 'tuyaDAEMON' flow are valid for any node-red application.

I hope that this information can be helpful to someone.


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