IoT systems testing[Quick survey]

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to hear your thoughts or feedback on how you test IoT systems!
It will take you only 10 minutes maximum.

This survey is conducted by a research team in software engineering from Concordia University in Canada.
It is anonymous and the results will be only used for research purposes such that it is impossible to infer who answered the survey.

Survey link : Survey for IoT System Testing

Your thoughts are highly valuable to our study. Also if possible for you, share this link with any other IoT developer who you may know.

Thank you very much.

Could you provide some accreditation details before people supply their email addresses and other information to you?


Thank you for asking! I am not sure if I understand correctly what you mean by accreditation. May be, I can answer this by providing more clarification on why we are doing this survey!

In Summary, I am a PhD student at Concordia University, Canada. Eventually, if some members do not feel comfortable sharing their emails while filling the survey, they can make it anonymously. I will revise the form and make email and other personal details optional. The information we are looking for is solely for academic purpose as we are investigating the best practices in IoT systems testing.

If you have any other question, I will be happy clarify.

Thank you very much!

That would be good :slight_smile:

I have already removed email option! Also remember to help us and forward this survey to other IoT developers that you may be know!

Thank you!

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ello, we are conducting IoT system testing survey. The form takes about 8 to 12 minutes to fill. Please feel free to share this with developers that you know who are involved in developing or testing IoT systems. Below is the link: Survey for IoT System Testing

Yes, you have already said.
Please don't bump your post.

Noted.. whoever has the question while filling the form, can feel free to ask for clarification. Thanks for those who already submitted the form.

I am not getting some response on this 5-minutes survey. Do we have some IoT developers or testers on this forum? If yes, please help and fill this survey. It takes only your 5 minutes.Survey for IoT System Testing

I have developed quite a large number of Node-RED nodes, but my daily job is completely not iot related. Like lots of others here I only do this as a hobby.
I have stopped after page 2 of your survey, because it are very specific questions about testing. And although I find automated testing very important, my free time doesn't allow me to do such things at all.
Since most of us are in this situation, that might explain the low response. Hopefully you get some response from people that do this on a professional base...


Most here are, I think, not deeply involved with the internet of things systems, even less with IoT systems testing, so that may well explain why you have not had a great response.

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Thank you very much!

Probably yes. I was amazed that worldwide, it is hard to get IoT developers despite having so many IoT systems deployed everywhere. few people responded but we were hoping to get more views. Do not hesistate to submit your form even if it is the first or second page.


@Colin thank you for your comment! Probably that is the reason but we we are open for the anyone who wants to answer the questions they feel confortable and leave others unanswered. whatever the information we get, is useful to us.

Thank you.

If you want information from non-professional users then an option on the front page for hobby/non-professional might pull more people in. Also a definition of what you mean by IoT would be useful.
Also put a comment at the start saying that all questions are optional and that any response is useful.

Some time ago there was a request for info (see here) about testing, by the creator of Node-RED. As you can see, there was also not an overwhelming amount of feedback, mostly from hobbyists. And it is all about testing flows, not about large iot solutions.

I have send a mail to a former collegue of mine, whether he can answer your survey. He has worked as a profession with a large enterprise iot solution, and with expensive consultants :wink: Hopefully he can provide you some feedback...

Wonderful. Thank you.

I have added more info on first page and made it clear that most of the questions are optional. This is the link: Survey for IoT System Testing

To all,

Dear members,

I humbly request you to feel free to share the link with IoT developers or testers in your network. Not all the questions are mandatory, they can answer as many as they can. Good Bless You All.

Thank you.

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