Iot2040 - opcua error

Good afternoon.

I have a SIEMENS device ( IOT2040 - 6ES7 647-0AA0-1YA2) I performed its settings according to its manual from page 10

After installing the image on the SD we tried to install the module "node-red-contrib-opcua" but it gave me some failures:

NOTE - The image installed on the SD came with a version of OPC-UA different to the one on the website, photograph of the library installed along with the image on SD:

Below I will leave the DEBUG that is returned to me after trying to use NODE and selecting DEPLOY:

"Error: get-installed-path: module not found "node-opcua-server" in path /home/root/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-opcua/node-opcua-server"

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