IR Device and Tuya Local

I have a S06ProWB3S IR Device with temperature and humidity. I use it with Tuya and i control my air conditioner and tv from tuya app. I try to use it with nodered to start my AC when I get to much power from my solar system. I use tuya local but all i get is value for temperature and humidity.
I did not find information on how to implement a request payload to start the AC. Can someone help me with some examples ?

Thank you.

Some Tuya devices do not use only MQTT, it uses also some (for now unknown - not reverse-engineered) protocols to send data.

see here

Try using smartLife to do commands and see the MQTT exchange in node-red: this helps you to identify the DPs. (see a guide here).

If really you don't found an MQTT command, the only solution I found to control ALL Tuya devices is to trigger via node-red some ad-hoc Tuya 'automation'.
To do this (and more IOT functions) I developed TuyaDAEMON, an IOT framework.
An basic trigger implementation can be found here.

Now I'm working on solar extensions (see TuyaDAEMON e il fotovoltaico).

Hope that this gives you some help.

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