Is anybody actually using node-red-contrib-musiccast?

I developed the "node-red-contrib-musiccast" collection primarily for my own use but I try to maintain it to be useful for others. I've only ever heard from two people about it but I see many more downloads than that.

I'm wondering, does anybody use it or is just a check it out and delete type of thing? It would be great to hear if it was actually of some value to others. Personally, my house and automation is quite dependent on it now.



I don't personally use musiccast as I don't have the specific hardware. In today's market of cheap Amazon and Google speakers I can only guess musiccast is a bit niche.

As for the lack of feedback, potentially the majority of people using it are having no problems. Also remember only a very small fraction of node red users actually frequent the forum, so don't be disheartened. Your contributions are valued.


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True, maybe people have no issues with it and need no help. I just thought it would be interesting to know what people use it for specifically.

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