Is it possible to create personal templates for replies?

I sometimes find myself recreating very similar replies to subjects where I've previously created code or about uibuilder for example and it would be great to be able to start with a template.

Is this possible?

Guessing you're referring to something like this:

Yes, the template module is already installed and being used.


But not sure if users have permission to create them, or it's only admins/moderators.

Can you see the Templates category?


I can't see them. So just the elite! :slight_smile:

Thought so.
Can you use a template, like I did above?

No I can't.

Well 'Plan A' bites the dust :roll_eyes:

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I think I have ticked the box to let moderators see/use templates ….

We [moderators] could already see & use templates, it's users that can't access them to reply to other users posts.

Odd, but ok. Have now tried setting it to level 3. About 25 regulars. See how that goes

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Yes, sounds good :+1:

Thanks all, I've been able to access templates, I was hoping I'd be able to create user ones but never mind.

Nothing different for me ?

@smcgann99 You are a level 3 user so you should be able to see the templates.
Have you refreshed your browser, and tried logging out/in?
Which browser are you using?

Same with Firefox and Chrome, refresh and re login doesn't help.

Could you not save some drafts that you could copy and paste from.

I think you can only have 1 draft can't you? I can keep some standard text elsewhere but it isn't as convenient.

Not if you make them in different topics. I had 9 drafts at one point.
Pick topics that Title reference what draft is about to keep track. Not perfect I know but better than nothing.
You could also add bookmarks to the topics, with specific titles.

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