Question re helping newbies and canned text/links


I notice that some of the more prolific regulars on the forums quote the same stuff over and over again to newbies - this is one that i just pulled out from Colin

Just interested in what everyone uses to keep track of these so they can easily access them when the time calls for it. ?

I personally use Notepad ++ on my production machine and have a tab for each of the forums i am active in with this sort of boilerplate stuff - how does everyone else do it ?


They are under the cog in the toolbar Craig :point_up:(the toolbar visible above the text box when writing a reply)

Huh ???

If i go to the COG/Wheel in the reply window - where i am now i only get

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Blur Spoiler (what does this do ?)
Build Poll

Not seeing any way to keep boilerplate links etc ?


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Blur Spoiler
Build Poll

That is all I see as well,

I think the Head Honchos get a different menu to us !!! :laughing: :rofl:

Use trustees get it as well :slight_smile:

A perk for the moderators group presumably.

Something to do with this?
Untitled 1

aah - the problem with being part of the great unwashed !

So back to my original question then (for the rest of us !)

How does everyone else manage this sort of thing ?


I am moving this into the Meta category, as that is for discussion about the forum.

@knolleary, in case you haven't seen this, would it be possible and desirable to allow everyone to pick up the canned replies? I can see that perhaps not everyone should be able to create new canned replies, but I can't see a reason to prevent them from using them.

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Or indeed just adding a few more of the regulars like Craig


Steve and i have done some messing around and changing me to a regular made no difference either.

Be good if the canned text could be made available to all regulars after a certain number of posts or some such



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