Is it possible to run the Node MCP3008 & run spidev Script at the same time?

Hey everyone,

I'm running a project on raspy using Node-Red & the externer ADC MCP3008.
I used to get the digital values of the Sensors via ADC using the Node "node-red-node-pi-mcp3008". I tried to increase the sampling rate of the adc using python script "SPI SW using Spidev" on the Pi, but suddenly my NodeRed is not able to work anymore.
Are the Node "node-red-node-pi-mcp3008" and the python script "SPI SW" using the same libraries?
Is there a chance to increase the sampling rate by decreasing the delay between the interrupts using NodeRed?

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I don't use that node, to help me understand the problem, how do you trigger a conversion and what limits the max rate?

In your question do you mean you are trying to access the same device from two applications at the same time? I can see that might not be possible.

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