Is the Node-RED editor using html5?

Hello guy, does any one know if the Node-RED editor is built using HTML5?

Which aspects of the editor are you particularly interested it?

Hi @jaime.villasenor

The editor is a mix of HTML and JavaScript. Most of the heavy lifting is done in JavaScript. I can't recall what's specifically in HTML5... What do you want to know?

The editor does indeed use HTML v5 by definition since the opening 2 tags are <!doctype html><html>. I think that there probably should be a lang attribute on the html tag but you do have the meta charset tag set to utf-8 which I think is the most common setting for modern html.

Here is a basic html5 template: HTML5 Template: A Basic Boilerplate for Any Project - SitePoint

I couldn't even find an example of an older version of html now. However, there were several variations and a choice between xhtml and html standards.

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