Is this a side effect of the PWA functionality?

In fact I am having a problem, apparently due to the fact that I use Cloudflare ZeroTrust (inspired by your posts here :slight_smile: ) with Google Oauth. When the authentication expires I get a blank screen and have been unable to work out how to get it to reload in order to get redirected to the login page. See Add PWA Functionality by cgjgh 路 Pull Request #708 路 FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard 路 GitHub

Ah, interesting! An unexpected interaction.

I wonder if there is anything generic (e.g. not limited to Google but common to OAuth) that the browser receives? If there is, then there could be an auto-redirect built into D2 where you could configure your redirect to login endpoint.

I've added this comment to your PR comment:

It sounds like the client code needs to have something that picks up a 401 response code from a client request and triggers a standard redirect to an endpoint defined in the D2 config.

I have added Issue #817 to track this problem.

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