Issue in using node after creating custom node

I am kind of new to node and didn't know much about that. I am creating custom nodes to run over the IP security camera which will interact with the camera and extract data by using camera's internal protocols. I am able to create nodes but I am facing an issue whenever I want to use the node it didnot configure properly and stuck on the screen until I make some changes in flow and deploy it continue with the warning then it disappear and display on the left top corner of the flow from where I can able to use it. I am trying the node by editing the path inside the settings.js file. Can you please suggest something to get out of this? Thanks a lot.

Hi, it is a little unclear

What path? Why? Would you expect users of your node to also edit settings.js?

Stuck on what screen? how? show us.

What changes? what warning? what disapears? use what?

Perhaps some screenshots and logs would help. Or a video demonstration? Also, a link to your repository too?

Thanks a lot for your response.
I am actually testing it by my own I will publish latter after completing the group.

Set the path inside globalfunctioncontext in settings.js file.

That is not the way to install a custom node. What exactly do you mean by 'custom node`?

These are the docs for creating custom nodes. Creating Nodes : Node-RED

Thanks a lot for referring to the documents. Actually I have some limitation on security camera as it is arm64 architecture with embedded Linux with limited command functionality for security purposes. But I will try to go with this method as well.

Do you need to make a custom node, rather than building a flow to do what you want?

I need to build custom nodes for security camera. But I when try to use it locally inside the flow then I got the above issue.

Before publishing I actually want to use it locally to find the issues and resolve the stuff.

To install the file locally all you have to do is to go into your .node-red folder and run
npm install /full/path/to/custom/node/source
and restart node-red. If you edit the node's source then you can just restart node red to start using the modified node.

Hi Colin, Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Sorry for being late reply as I was on vacations. I tried the stuff as you instructed but I am not able to solve my problem. My custom node is basically not getting any input the whole logic is build inside its code and it is just getting the value inside the camera by interacting with its protocols and giving output.

Have you installed the node ok?

Do you see it in the palette in the editor?

If you place the node on the flow and double click it, does its config screen appear and behave as you expect?

Hi Colin, Thanks a lot for your help I am able to resolve the issue. I made a mistake in .html file as my node was not getting any custom configuration from user so I don't need to get any thing from user and didnot write the default block, which was actually causing the problem now I add default with empty brackets and it solve the issue.

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