Issue with node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel; how to find root cause?

After beeing bothered that alexa-remote2-v2 was every other day asking to renew the cookie, I updated to -applestrudel.

Now I have the issue that I'm not able to get my cookie updated at all.
The service gets initialized, but it seems that the cookie update procedure is not working.

Access to:


returns on the browser:
http://localhost:3456/cookie-success --> ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
(I disabled my firewall just to check, but problems still remains)

Does anybody has some hints which log files I can further check to find the problem?

I think that in your config node you have localhost and not the ip adddress you state. Instead of localhost, use 192,168.178.204 in the Strudel config node.

I also thought about something, but

where is the option to set an ip adress?

thx, that was what I was looking for, it works now.

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