Issues with time picker (text input node)

I"m using a text node configured in time picker mode, and observe some issues

  1. if configuring the input delay to 0 ms, I have a nice circle UI to enter the hour. When I click on "define" the hour is well displayed in the text input field, but no message is sent by the node: so I can not retrieved the entered value ...

I found a workaround by setting the input delay to 300ms. In that case I get a different UI, where I can enter hh, min, sec, and ms ... which is not so nice for what I want as I need only to enter hh and mm, and don't care about seconds and furthermore about millieconds. Any way to change this display? However at least in that case the value entered is well sent a in msg

  1. I initialize the value of the field at start up. Unfortunately it remains blank.
    The only ways to have the value displayed are:
  • select field to modify the value
  • change the enable property (but not at the same time I send the initial value, it has to be done some time after)
    my workaround here is to change the enable status of the field triggered by a ui_control

that's not big issues, but that's not convenient. I forgot to say that these issues are only present if using the time picker mode. I use other text fields configured as text mode and there are no similar issues (by the way changing the same node from time picker to text entry makes the pb go away)

don't know if this can be fixed and by who, but at least may be my workarounds will help someone ...


Thank you for the information relating to the time picker node it has proved very useful and outlines the two short comings I personally have experienced with this node.

With regards to your second solution can you explain in more detail what you place in the ui_control node and where you place the node in the flow please?

Thanks in advance

hi, In fact I use a very simple implementation.
the ui_control node has no settings, no input, I just connect to a function that sends a message with enabled property set to true, this function then connected to each of my text fields.

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I'm still a little confused. Could you share the flow please?