Just checking what happens when you export flows

I want to check I am not wrong about a theory of what happens when you export a flow.

Exporting a flow is easy enough. But what happens if there is a sub-flow in the equation?

My take of a sub-flow is that it optimises code so where some code is used repeatedly, rather than doing that, you use a sub-flow and then you just use a single node.

So when you export a flow with a sub-flow that is used 10 times: what happens?

To simplify the question let's say:

The rest of the flow is 3k in size.
The sub-flow is 3k in size too.
But it is used 10 times.

When you export is the exported code:
a: just over 6k
b: just over 33k

The just over is allowing for bits of code to include the connection/s to the sub-flow.

It contains one full copy of the subflow.

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I just wanted to check.

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