Keypad + LCD + RFID help needed / issue

HI Superstars,

I am a newbie and need some urgent help PLEASE. I have a project whereby I need to use a Captive touch keypad, OLED screen, an RFID tag reader. The user needs to identify itself with the RFID tag and insert 3 options from the keypad to the display. Capture the data in the SQLite table. ( i have the SQLite sorted: wink:) then needs to export the data end of the week via

  • Download/export / email CSV file from dashboard Button

Here is some detail up front that might be requested later ,

  • Raspberry pi zer w / RaspbianOS updated

  • Npm / v 6.14.6

  • Node.js / v 12.18.3

  • Node-red / v 1.1.3

-hardware - 16 Keys Capacitive touch TTP229 I2C module** ( PIN: 2-5v , 3-SDA , 5-SCL , 6-GND)
-hardware - 2.23inch OLED HAT / 128*32 / i2c interface ( PIN : 1-3v , 3-SDA , 5-SCL , 9-GND )
-hardware - RFID 125KHZ + 13.56MHZ Reader Module / * Interface: Wiegand** (PIN:??)

Issue 1
I have never worked with BUS ports before and would appreciate it if someone could assist/inform me how to set up the bus address for the OLED and keypad to run off the same pin 3 and 5 ( SDA/SCL i2c ) ports. I do have the OLED on bus port 3c and working with the "OLED node" but can't seen to setup the keypad whatsoever !!

Issue 2
I would like to know how to set up the Wiegand pins on the PI and what GPOI's do I need to use. I have tried the " node-red-contrib-nfc" nodes but had no data out.

Your quick, kind, and positive responses is welcome.

thank you in advance

anyone ? somebody ? nothing ?

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