Limit dashboard access by client IP?

Is it possible to restrict what client IP addresses can connect to the Node-RED dashboard (e.g.


Yes, you can use a firewall. Google for how to use a firewall on the OS that node red is running on.

So Node-RED can't do it, and it would have to be handled externally, correct?

I don't think node red can do it but a firewall can, that is what firewalls are for. Assuming that you want to block both the editor and the dashboard that is. If you only want to block the dashboard I am not sure how to do it.

However, I notice that you said you want to block the dashboard but gave the url of the editor, so I am not entirely sure what you want to do. Certainly blocking external access to port 1880 except from particular IPs should be simple.

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I thought 1880 was the dashboard. My bad.

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