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Hey guys. I love the new forum!
Had an inquiry that I am not able to wrap my heard around.
Currently I have a tab which is “outside climante” it has multiple sensors of different cites. Each has a title, Temp Guage, Humidity Level and a 24 hour chart of temp. What I would like to do is have a “more info” link which would take me to another tab that could display past week, month temp or what ever I set it to. I am sure this is possible I just dont know how to yet. However here is the kicker, What I would like to do is take the “more info” buttton and link to another tab BUT have the tab NOT show up in the side slide in menu when you click the top left 3 bar button. Is that possible? it would essentially be a hidden tab but you could link to it for extra information.


Short answer is you can’t do exactly that as all tabs will appear in the menu, BUT you can make groups within a tab appear and hide. Search the site for “hiding groups” for an example.


Interesting,! not exactly what I had in mind but this can actually work for what I need to do. I will work on this tomorrow and report back if I have any problems.


Hello Blink,

With the "UI control" node standard on node red you can make jumps from one tab to another for instance, what makes you can physically display a button on your dashboard that directly inject a value on the "ui control" on your flow and on your dashboard will jump to the specific tab you wanted, the same can be done to move back or whatever.

Also you can make that a specific hour or after specific time with no action, it moves directly to a specific main tab.


I think this is an easy approach to what you are trying to do, however as mentioned by dceejay, this will not hide all the tabs from the left menu on the dashboard.


Best Practices questions for dashboard and storing data

As a example I have several tabs on my dashboard however every 5 minutes if alarm is enabled whatever dashboard session is enabled will be moved directly to the "alarm tab"
Of course you can do similar but triggered with a dashboard pushbutton.