Linkable comment nodes

It would be great to be able to link comment nodes with arrows to create a flow chart.
At the moment I'm doing my system designs in Google drawings, it would be a perfect solution for me to be able to dedicate the first flow tab in projects as a system map - for all things in the system, not necessarily Node Red related.

Hi @Waz

I understand what you mean, but it isn't a goal of the project to become a generic box/wire drawing tool.

Wires represent the flow of messages between nodes. Comment nodes don't send/receive messages, so they don't have ports and cannot be wired together.

There are plenty of other tools that can be used to create data-driven graphs of the type you want. It shouldn't be too hard to use http-in/out, Dashboard or uibuilder to send data from Node-RED to a suitable page.

Excellent idea, thank you.