Little niggles in install script

Did fresh install on pi and instead of getting checks when a task is done it now shows
Just in case someone asks

From which shell did you run the command. bash or sh ?

It was a terminal window on the pi itself running the install script..

Running the command exactly as on the website, or did you download it and run it manually?

Exactly as on website , it all works fine I only brought this up as over the last week or so I have seen a few "issues" mentioned about the script on the forum, this is purely a esthetics thing

Is this a perfectly standard raspbian system?
Which version is it and is it all up to date? Check using:
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
It is as if you are missing a font or something like that.

Pi3b+, standard Pi OS install, 64 bit, before I ran script did the update, upgrade thing.

Which version of raspbian?
cat /etc/os-release

Debian gnu/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Very odd, I am out of suggestions.

is the unicode characters for the tick mark etc... - occasionally I do see this on other debian systems and presumed it must be due to a missing "language" or font or something... but not seen it on Pi. Not going to lose sleep over it.

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