Localhost:1880 not loading


I installed Node-red on a virtual Windows-10 machine (Vm-ware)
After my coffee break my node red stoped working. (Disconnected)

I restarted my VM ware and started Node-red

Then I openend my webbrowser and typed localhost:1880
but nothing happend. he don't open anything.

Welcome to the forum.

You need to use the IP of the virtual machine.

I used localhost before.
I'm running the service on the vm and the webbrowser in the vm before and that worked.

after a while is see these Error's

Is there a oppertunitie to retrieve my work?

You are running out of memory in your VM by the looks of it. Try increasing the VM's virtual memory.

In regard to localhost - you can use that as long as your browser is part of the same vm. You need to use the VM's network interface and IP if trying to access node-red from the host's desktop and browser.

What did you do just before it stopped working? If you changed the flow file then possibly you added something that is consuming lots of memory. If you look in the .node-red folder you should see a flows file with a .backup extension. Move the current flows file away and rename the backup to replace the one you have moved. Then restart node-red. Also you should start making backups of your files.

Thanks a lot.
Ik removed the flow and i can start node-red again with a empty project.

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