Locking editor, changing ui address

i've tried to find this since i'm sure others have asked, but couldn't find the magic search words:

is there a (reasonably easy) way to :

a. make it so the ui is just ip address like
b. make it so the editor is like
c. make it so the editor is password protected somehow, maybe htaccess, or something that can easily be overridden if you can ssh into the system

see ui setting in the docs

see httpAdminRoot setting in the docs

see httpAdminAuth in (you guessed it) the docs :smiley:

PS, the magic search terms would be dashboard url or dashboard ui endpoint, httpAdminRoot and httpAdminAuth - tones of threads on the forum

Lastly, there is more info about Securing Node-RED here: Securing Node-RED : Node-RED

thank you, i try and be handy but without knowing the magic words, its quite hard to find whta you want. i'll review what you posted for me

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