Log into a site and extract data without using nbrowser

Hi, I'm hoping to create a flow that visits this url (https://www.audible.com/account/credits) and extracts one piece of data from it.

To do this i'd need a flow to be able to sign in and handle any redirects back to the resulting page. After some exploration it seems like nbrowser is something that could accomplish this however the Unraid docker container I'm using doesn’t support this node... per container developer:

The NodeRed team did not allow SUDO or APT-GET in their docker images so unfortunately you will need to build a different docker file if you need to do this.

Besides creating a new docker container, which is likely outside my skill level, is there another node/way that I can accomplish this? There are also a number of other sites that I'd like to perform similar tasks on.


You are taking on a serious challenge here. Audible does not, I believe, have a published API and therefore does not publish the authentication mechanisms. However, someone has reverse engineered things and at least produced a Python API. So first thing would be to go look at that and try to work out what it does and how it authenticates. Once you've done that, maybe come back to the forum and we might be able to help further.

Before even that though - why are you using Docker if it is just getting in the way? Honestly, most of the time, docker is a pain rather than a help. You need to understand a considerable amount about Docker in order to get the best from it unless you are prepared to only ever live with what other people have put together.

Really it isn't hard to install node.js and Node-RED on any supported device. So unless for some reason you really need Docker, I would get rid of it.

Thx for pointing me towards the Python API! Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it currently supports the field I'm looking to grab.

I'm currently using NR on my Unraid server, which also manages my other 20 containters, so my only other option would be to create a VM to run NR on which seems like overkill. It's been working great so far except for this last issue :slight_smile:

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