Need help for Alexa cookies...problem on docker

Hi, I have a problem with the authentication of alexa-remote2-applestrudel, basically after configuring the profile and going to the page to activate the authentication everything works.
However, the problem occurs with each new deployment because the system requests each time to connect to the page, in practice it does not save the cookie or the socket that is to maintain the connection, which is rather stressful because each change requires the passage.
Incidentally... once activated if I don't do other deploys everything works.

As said I use nodered on iobroker installed on docker, any help is welcome.
Thank you

you have to save the cookie in the /data volume , so that it is saved permanently.

Generally if you use the staking file to install nodered you end up with the /data volume already created.

Yes I know that, I have tried with some path with no result, I have even used a shared path with 775....nothing, I get this error:

""EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, read" '

  • won't let you write to the volume because there is some permission or link problem .

  • I use portainer for management not to complicate my life with docker. To install node red is a matter of seconds just use the stack , and it correctly creates a volume where the configuration and authentication cookie resides for 'permanent use.

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