Logic for ESP live status on google home

Hello Everyone,
Iam a new bee to Node-red forums and correct me if iam wrong.
first of all iam very glad i find NODE RED to work on my hobbie projects, iam not soo familiar with java language but this made it soo simple to interact with. Big thanks to @knolleary.
Actually iam working on Nodered since a couple of months and created a Dashboard with local server.
i could control all my devices also can find the liveness of my modules with the help of LWT(
Last Will and Testament). Now all my conditions got satisfied with local Dashboard.
when it comes to Google home with the help of Nora Services, i could able to get payload from Nora - nodes and device respond to the command very well. Now i have 2 problems:

  1. I could not get the status of the module (aliveness ) Even if the module is in off condition google shows it is alive and gives the command. (attaching a screen which i required)

  2. If i operate the device with my local Dashboard, the status of the relay could not be updated on google immediately as i need to refresh my page to get it.

Is there anything iam missing in my loop.. please help me in this regard @andrei-tatar
also sorry for my English...

Thanking you in advance

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