Logitech Harmony Hub disconnects after a few hours

Hello together,

I'm new in the Forum and want introduce me shortly.

My name is Gregor and I'm from Germany. Me and my wife moved this year into our new house. We use KNX and Node-Red together to control different things in the house.
For our Entertainmentsystem etc. we use a Logitech Harmony Elite. To get the state of the Harmony I'm using node-red-contrib-harmony.
And there begins my problem. We have some LED-stripes as backgound lighting. I want Node-Red to switch the LEDs on after Sunset, but only in case the Entertainmentsystem is on. This is no problem when I deployed something new. But after a few hours the LEDs will not be switch on or off automaticly.
So I added a debug node and watched the Output of the " H observe"-node. After deploying it. Everything works fine. But on the next day (next time I switched TV on) nothing was send from the oberserve-node.
Does anybody know this problem or has an idea what it could be?

Thank you in advance