Looking for reference of dashboard elements

Hi there!
In order to adjust the dashboard to my needs I am looking for a sort of node-red/dashboard reference that lists the available elements. What I mean are things like a docu on items like "nr-dashboard-warning" which can be used to control apperance according to the predefined looks of the dashboard. Or the handles of elements like the aria - which some elements seem to have others not. Is there some sort of overview that tells which has, whch doesn't and what is the name of it?

For the life of me I could not find anything comprehensive on the forum, google & co in the last couple months.
Any pointer is very welcome!

Have you looked at the dashboard using the development console in your browser, it should show the elements, class, id, etc that you can target .
p.s. You can also give each widget it's own class in the widget config settings.

Yes, I tried using the browser to inspect the elements. that helped a little to understand some of it. However there is such an amount of different namesclasses/identifiers out there, it seem impossible to test them out all of them by sheer trial and error.
Although it helps getting to know some elements, it does not enable me to learn the elements that are not yet used in the flow anywhere.

I do like using the element inspection to check on my implementation, but I need more new input. :slight_smile:

Which dashboard nodes are you using?

On top of the ui_dashboard I am using:

I am looking alreay for the dashboard itself for such docu. The ui_table is fairly good documented due to the good documentation of tabulator.

Is there somethign similar for the dashboard?

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